About Us

  Pneu-Tek Unlimited is brought to you by Ochoa Brothers Inc.  We were the original manufacturers and inventors of the Cheetah Bead Seater, with Justin Ochoa as acting President. We are a family owned and operated company that strives to bring you quality products. Shows keep us busy, but please use our cell numbers under the contact tab. Office hours vary.

  We are not just a tool manufacturer. We develop tools that solve problems in the tire repair industry. With the development of the newest and best tires, there comes an ever growing need for the newest and best equipment to work on those tires, whether in the shop, in the field, or over the road. Pneu-Tek Unlimited brings you a cohesive line of tools that are not only indispensable in the shop, but are a necessity in the field and over the road. Everything you see on our web store is shipped out of the US.

  If you are a distributor and are interested in adding our products to your line please, contact ESCO to be set up as a distributor.